About Us

About Sunrise Temporary Help & Housekeeping Services LLP.

We are minority owned family business that currently operates in North West Ohio particularly in the Toledo, area and some parts of Michigan. Where we say no job is too small! Just give us a call! We are democratizing the cleaning& staffing services industries with service excellency that will never be duplicated by our competitors neither by pricing or service.

The founder of Sunrise Temporary Help & Housekeeping Services LLP knew the frustration that comes with finding the right staff and also finding a job with a flexible work schedule. that is why in 2018 the founder decided to start a committed staffing & cleaning service that utilized staff on a temporary and permanent basis to serve the hospitality, commercial, & residential cleaning industries.

As a 22 years veteran manager our founder worked in various capacity both in retail management and hotel management while trying to create a balance life as a single parent. We provide flexible services & work schedule based on the needs of our clients and our staff.

Young successful staff of luxurious five star hotel standing in room